Masai Mara – Friendships!

The trip to Masai Mara to photograph the great migration of wildebeest had been in the works for over 3 years. The trip leader was going to be Shivang Mehta, one of the world’s leading wildlife photographers. This trip played in my head constantly. Well, Covid came instead — and it shut the world down.

Finally, this September, the trip was on and I was on my way to Masai Mara. Going to these places, a lot of us photographers think about equipment, what pictures will we take, etc. All good thoughts. However, 4 months later, what I keep coming back to is the awesome company we had on this trip: one of India’s leading surgeons, a young lady with so much talent and kindness, a US-based software engineer who was quiet at first, but man did he open up, and Shivang. Amazing life stories were shared, including an incredibly inspiring tale of one of our teammates’ mom who went back to school after having 2 kids, got a doctorate, and discovered her passion for teaching all the goodness of Jainism. 

We spend over 12-14 hrs. a day together in the Jeep, and I have never laughed harder. Never did I imagine that I would be eating Indian pickle in the awesome Mara under a tree. No one was spared, everyone’s leg was pulled, and at times we ached from laughing so hard. For me, this is the part of Mara that I remember the most… the friendships!!!

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